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Goal Setting & Action Planning Training Programme

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Goal Setting & Action Planning Training Programme

The Goal Setting & Action Planning Program is comprehensively designed for Business & Management Professionals of junior & mid Management levels, junior & mid-level Managers, Team Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Working Professionals from all sectors across different cross-functional teams. Freshers and entry level Professionals can also undertake this Program. Setting right goals at right times in our life saves our time, energy, money & enables us to reach our destination with ease. Goal setting is also essential to give a direction to our life. A pre-determined goal setting & action planning with its action plan can save drastic resource for an Organization and cut cost & for an individual; it saves time & provides an orientation towards the focus points in business/work or personal life.

This Program covers & delivers the following:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Understanding personal strengths & weakness
  • Self-Assessment Resource Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Bridging the gap
  • Mapping goals with time
  • Making a blue-print for the action plan
  • Creating a plan B blue-print
  • Analyze and figure out safety plans


The following are the uses & benefits of goal setting:

  • Establishes priorities
  • Identifies what we want to achieve
  • Keeps us on track to achieve expectations
  • Focuses on one’s efforts, minimizes becoming derailed
  • Gives motivation
  • Builds self-confidence

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