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Conflict Management Training Programme

Effective management is a business skill that joins hands with assertive skills and interpersonal skills. In an organization, productive conflict management may aid in the smooth and lucrative operation of the firm as well as the retention of potential workers for a longer period of time. Effective conflict management skills & excellent interpersonal skills are very essential soft skills for an individual & a team in today’s multi-cultural, multi-lingual & global work environments. Lack of social skills, poor communication skills, lack of empathy, lack of assertive skills, disagreements and lack of alignment in goals, lack of right attitude at workplace, differences in attitudes, beliefs, core values of an individual/team & differences in perceptions are some of chief reasons for conflicts at workplace. A healthy Organization should aim at zero conflicts that can create strongly bonded teams with shared vision, unified goals, well-defined and well-aligned roles that eventually lead the Organization to nothing other than success. Conflict Management training program from GroomX is comprehensively designed to train an individual business professional & teams to develop necessary skills in conflict management and to strengthen their productivity, goal-orientedness & social skills that can recreate & sharpen their skills in people management.

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The program enables you to:

  • Understand a conflict
  • Manage & resolve conflict
  • Create strongly bonded teams
  • Help team members to set boundaries
  • Practice simplified methods to people management
  • Create, maintain & progress with relationships
  • Develop & practice assertive skills
  • Develop & practice interpersonal skills
  • Improve your communication abilities for dispute resolution.

To enroll yourself for the program call 080-40966123 or fill the form below and we shall get in touch with you in 24 hours. So get started Now. Or meet us in our office

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