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soft skill training in bangalore

A lot has been written and research on how to groom personality for men and Woman. Your personality is everything you have about yourself. Ever wondered what makes a person interesting, impressive and popular? Charisma. And the good thing is charisma could be developed as a learned habit. A well groomed personality is the key to success. If you want to make your personality attractive and impressive, people follow certain steps. And we will create a roadmap for you where these steps will be guided one by one

Soft Skills Training

It helps people develop competencies and capabilities. It develops and strengthens several work​ / personal​
related skills making them competent and confident in handling tasks effectively and efficiently.
It brings out behavioural changes among the trainees so that they develop ​a better personality. ​
It helps them in enhancing productivity and performance at the workplace. In case of students, the training helps them to acquire employability skills so that they can get employment easily

Essential soft skills are:

One of the reasons why this approach to soft skills training is so successful is because it’s so memorable. It’s based on a very simple idea (of course, simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy). There are just two basic, essential soft skills. If the way people respond to you matters to your success at work, these two skills can make an enormous difference. Once you’ve mastered them there’ll be few situations you can’t handle successfully. On this course as well as mastering these two basic soft skills you receive a great deal of coaching in how to apply them to the situations you find most challenging.

  • One on One training
  • Each trainer based on forte he / she specializes on
  • Pre-Assessment & Personal Counselling

Age group from 4+ years to 75 year old candidates

Option 01
We are open Monday – Sunday.
8:00 am – 8:00 pm.
Per session minimum of 2.5 hours.
As these are One on One session we arrange the sessions as per availability which could be attending session Once a week as well.

Option 02
Online training program

Option 03
Training at your premise.

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