Anger Management

Dissolving and Transforming Anger through Awareness and Compassion

Today if you get angry every now and then, you are considered uncivilized or ill mannered. If you find that your angry outbursts are negatively affecting your relationships with family, friends, co-workers and even complete strangers, it’s probably time to change the way you express your anger.

Have you had trouble dealing with your emotions — an angry outburst, a sobbing fit?

Anger Management Program

  • Develop the Ability to Control Anger and Dissolve Conflict
  • Enable Quick and Accurate Decisions with a Clear and Peaceful Mind
  • Learn to interact with People through Patience, Tolerance and Compassion

Anger management deals with the management of one’s anger so that the least possible damage is felt to self, others and the environment. This involves understanding one’s anger patterns and dealing with them effectively. One who can manage his own anger effectively can possibly manage the anger of others as well.

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