Course Description

1 Day course

  • Roles & Responsibilities of a leader.
  • Adopting & developing leadership competencies
  • Importance of Goal setting
  • Manage change and encourage innovation
  • Self Motivation
  • Boost engagement and retention
  • Leading with vision
  • Provide accountability and improve productivity
  • Inspiring your team
  • Align organizational and individual goals
  • Spotting the growth in the future

Transformational leadership is based on the leader’s personality and ability to bring change through example, articulation of an energising vision, thereby indicating the huge impact of the leader and his behaviour on organisational outcomes. Such leaders influence subordinates and create chain reaction transformation amongst their teams and influence a more enriching work environment for peers and subordinates alike. Cultivating cohesive teams will allow leaders to transform attitudes and improve cohesiveness between teams across the organisation with a higher sense of purpose, in turn leading others to become problem solvers and manage their time better.

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