The corporate world is looking for workforce that has confidence in their abilities, is able to communicate their knowledge and work with a healthy team spirit. The students are found lacking these skills. Campus to corporate program aims to groom the students for the skills essential for the corporate world.

Confidence : Having confidence in their abilities and projecting confidence is very essential. This requires an understanding of their strengths and weakness. Understanding weaknesses and developing the willingness and ability to work over them is essential to succeed in the corporate world.

Responsibility : As students they are only responsible for themselves. Being part of an organization makes them responsible for the company’s goals. Ability to identify themselves, as a contributor towards the organization’s larger goals is essential.Aligning their personal goals with the company’s goals is a challenge to be met.

Interpersonal skills : As students they can choose to remain in a group with whom they are comfortable. But in a corporate setup the skill of getting along well with the co-employees, with a variety of behaviors, is mandatory. Unable to do so will make them a misfit and a liability for the organization. Ability to have co-operative relation with all the co-employees is necessary.Along with this they have to learn to be open to others view points, accept, adapt and learn new concepts.

Communication skills : The ability to communicate their thoughts clearly, understanding communication from others, paying attention to the non-verbal language and knowing the influence of the various communication barriers on their understanding is critical in a corporate setup. Practicing assertive communication will give them the ability to deal with the conflicts at workplace and effectively manage their needs and the team needs.

Business Etiquette: Projecting a professional image and professionally handling telephonic conversations, E-mails and business dining will boost their faster entry into the corporate world.

Along with these, the campus to corporate programs enhance their analytical reasoning skills, skills for building an effective resume and handling interviews. These will give an impetus to the student’s job prospects.