Telephone Etiquette

telephone etiquette

The telephone is still a key method of communication & thus proper telephone techniques is an important part of a top-notch business. On a phone call the only impression a customer gets is that of your voice and the manner in which you speak. In order to project the most positive & friendly image one should follow the simple tips below.

5 phases of a call
Needs Identification
Collection/verification of information
Providing information/potential solutions
Closing and next steps telephone etiquette


P – Pitch
I – Inflection
C – Courtesy
T – Tone
U – Understanding
R – Rate of Speech
E – Enunciation

Non-Verbal Communication

Using non-verbal encouragement
over the telephone
Tips on body language over the telephone
Spoken communication
Improving the effectiveness of communication
Structure of communication
Questioning techniques
Open ended questions
Close ended questions
Multiple questions
Leading questions

Dealing with different kinds of customers

Angry customers
Talkative customers
Customers who are not interested
Customers who are pressed for time
Conference Call Etiquette
Ground rules for conference calls
Making introductions
Dos and don’ts on conference calls
Using the ‘Mute function

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