Stress Management

stress management

What is Stress management?

  •  The Effect of Stress on Physical Health and Well-being
  •  How much Stress is too much Stress?
  •  Where does Stress Come from? • What are the Common Signs of Stress?
  •  What Type of People are more Prone to Stress?
  •  What can Management do to Minimize Stress at Work?

The method: Through discussion and participation, delegates recognize the stress affecting they may be experiencing in their own working environment.

Practicing techniques that defuse its potentially debilitating effect, they can then tackle stress from a positive standpoint and are better able to utilize its positive aspects in the workplace.

How Can we Manage Stress Better?

  •  Become aware of your stressors, and your emotional and physic reactions to them
  •  Recognize what you can change
  •  Reduce your emotional reactions to stress
  •  Learn to moderate your physical reactions to stress
  •  Build your physical reserves
  •  Develop healthy eating habits
  •  Maintain your emotional reserves

Other Strategies for Managing Stress:

  •  Time Management
  •  Communicating Effectively
  •  Relaxation
  •  Breathing Exercises
  •  Guided relaxation and visualization techniques
  •  Progressive muscle relaxation
  •  Immediate stress reduction
  •  Meditation
  •  Relaxation therapy
  •  Problem solving
  •  Getting Inner Balance
  •  Modify your behavior
  •  Handle your anger
  •  Think positively
  •  Learn to say “No”

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