Self Grooming and Etiquette

self grooming training

Often well groomed individuals find it easier to project themselves among others, influence & persuade people easily. Well-defined grooming skills can help an individual to project his/her image the professional best.

Personal Grooming

Poorly developed grooming skills results in lack of impact creation, lack of uniqueness, lack of confidence to project oneself in a social and professional setting.

You can be uniquely defined with your appearance, dress-code, body language, and the choice of attire you decide for every social-meeting/social gathering & to a professional setting like work/business meetings & for your everyday life at work.

Your dress-code, the choice of colors of your dress, the pattern of your dress can often communicate more; and send others key information about your personality with which you can create the best impression & if it is personal life you can gain relationships and if it your professional life, you can gain business.

Body language

Body Language which is another unique set of skills each individual should aim at mastering. Well developed and pleasantly trained body language will never fail to create that best impression about you to people around you.

An appropriate appearance with the right body language is the gate way to impress people and create an everlasting image about yourself to others.

The personal grooming training program offered to you by GroomX delivers the best learning model that facilitates you to create your unique identity with your advanced dressing skills & enhanced body language & prepares you to create and maintain a “Personal Brand” of your own.

Every individual is unique, hence in GroomX we offer customized recommendations as far as your appearance & dressing skills, your makeup skills, hair-style, and body language is concerned.

We help you understand your own image in a better way by the way of subjecting your to a body-shape analysis & self-introspection for the color-analysis and pattern – analysis that suits you the best. Thus, we initially help you make an image analysis of yourself and help you gain insight with the attire, its color, its pattern that suits you the best, thus making you to transform your image to the best of its kind.

Our sessions for personal shopping are additional benefits helping you understand more and more about the choice of cloths one needs to make and helping you to understand the nuances of mix-matching of cloths there  by making you to undergo a wardrobe – analysis that can cut your cost while shopping for your cloths
& other essential accessories.

For women:

Our sessions on makeup & hair-style are embarked with absolute professional training where you can receive an in-depth learning about your skin type, skin color and the products that can help you appear best. At the end of makeup sessions, you will be aware of how to use all your makeup products and do your eye makeup and lip makeup and complete face makeup. With hair-styles, we teach you with 3-4 customized hair-styles that suit your face the best.

Dining Etiquette & Table Manners:

Our session on fine-dining skills & Table Manners equips you with the right set of skills to handle cutleries with ease & socialize with people from different cultures, delivers you with the right etiquette for fine dining.

Who can attend Personal Grooming Course?

Working professionals- both men & women, house-wives, teenage girls, elderly women, students above 12 years. Start with self grooming training now.

Personal Grooming Course covers:

  • Appearance & Dressing skills
  • Body shape Analysis
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Body Language skills
  • Makeup skills
  • Hair-Styling skills
  • Sari-draping
  • Personal shopping
  • Wardrobe-Analysis
  • Dining Etiquette & Table Manners.

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