Personalized Photography Training

personalized photography training

This course will explore the concept of fashion personalize photography training. It is aimed to everyone intereste in fashion and who would like to enhance their portfolio. Basic knowledge of the DSLR and studio lighting is require but not necessary.

You will learn about the Outdoor fashion Photography ,psychological aspects of portrait shoots of inspirational ideas, moreover, you will have a chance to work with model and will shoot your own fashion and art images. Classes is divided into theory and practical parts. Be inspired and start a new chapter in your photography career. The class size is small allowing for individual attention, it allows you to absorb what is learned, practice and get feedback. There is a balance between classroom lecturing, interactive discussion, critique and practical application of the concepts learned.

Course outline & details:


  • What is fashion and what do you mean by Fashion Shoot.
  • Shoot preparation: idea development, references, casting, location scouting, team management, props, styling, and make up. Planning the shoot. How to make your art portraiture fashionable.
  • Tools use in fashion photography (analogue/digital camera’s/ special effects). Simple Couple of creative tricks you can use during the shoot
  • How to work with the model on the creative fashion shoot. Direction.
  • Importance of the selection process. Analyse. Building a portfolio.
  • How to start working as a fashion photographer.


  •  You will explore various lighting techniques and you will explore the equipment advice for the best
  • Fashion shoot. You will work with lights in the professional photography studio environment and will have a chance to practice light
  •  You’ll meet a model and a makeup artist, and we’ll put together an unique costume for your shoot.
  •  You will learn how to lead postures as well as how to locate the optimum angles for the face and hands. And What is the best way to work with the model?
  •  You will shoot your own images and will be able to use it in your own photography portfolio. Each participant will have their own time to work with model and to be a main practice skills of the photographer.

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