Interview Skills


interview skills training bangalore


• Skills for Success

Being Organized
Becoming a Punctual Person
I Can Do This!
Important Etiquette Points

• Building Your Resume

Basic Resume Formats
Dealing with Awkward Points
Checklist for Success

• Polishing Your Resume

Creating an Attractive Package
About Branding
Some Extra Touches
Checklist for Success

• Networking Skills

What is Networking?
Getting a Conversation Started
But I’m So Nervous!
Wrapping Up and Moving On

• Where to Look?

The Obvious Places
The Hidden Job Market
About Cold Calling
The Power of Networking

• Understanding the Interview

Types of Interviews
What to Expect
About Behavioral Questions
About Knowledge Questions

• Writing a Cover Letter

Types of Cover Letters
Creating a Template
Customising the Template
Checklist for Success

• Interview Skills

Dressing for Success
Answering Questions
Asking Questions
Following Up[/vc_column_text]