Children Grooming & Behavioral Etiquette

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GroomX comes with a multi-faceted approach to children-grooming, we believe that it is equally significant to focus on various aspects of personality for a child to help them groom as evolved individuals.

Childhood is the exact phase of life to impart appropriate Soft skills to children which can give them the right foundation & help them build skills to grow their competency in order to survive and be successful in this competitive world. Soft skills are inevitable entity of a child’s holistic growth.

Soft skills initiates & fine tunes your child’s capability to evolve as a matured, independent, self-sufficient & a skillful individual. They become more assertive & learn the right attitude that they should carry & the right behavior from the training program offered at GroomX. So start now.

Soft skills training program offered to your children from GroomX helps them to improve their self-esteem & help them grow as stronger personalities with a pleasant behavior and right body language. They will learn the ‘art of speaking’ with people, respecting elders, respecting family values; they also learn how to handle criticism, to deal with difficult people & difficult situations. Sessions on etiquette teach them how to carry themselves with the right behavior with people in the social setup.

The Public Speaking training module offers your child an absolute opportunity to showcase & bring out their oratorical skills. They learn and slowly can master the Public Speaking skills. Children are taught how to overcome the fear of Public Speaking. 

So start now.

Training workshop on Dining Etiquette & Table Manners impart children with skills to handle cutlery & eat difficult food with comfort that helps them avoid embarrassments. It also aims in teaching them how to do the table setting and the Do’s & Don’ts of dining etiquette.

Time Management skills helps your child learn to utilize their time wisely & become more focused on their goals & increase their concentration power.

Our learning model for children grooming encompasses a multitude of topics & our learning techniques stimulate their critical thinking & gives them opportunity to amplify their skills & talents.

As a whole, the Training Program increase the social & emotional awareness of the children making them emotionally stable, improve their positive outlook, and make them sensitive to the context.

Module Details 

  • Social Graces
  • Table Manners
  • Confidence Building
  •  Also Personality Development
  • Improving Body Language
  • Improving English Speaking Skills
  • Understanding Family Values
  • Handling Teasing situations.
  • Art of Public Speaking
  • Also Time Management
  • Reflecting Confidence
  • Etiquette for a Lady to be
  • Etiquette for Gentleman to be
  • Also Power of Concentration
  • Handling Pocket Money
  • Respecting Privacy
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Handling Teasing situations

All the above module are for the children above and between 9yrs-15yrs of age. So get started now.

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