Business Skills

business skills

GroomX provides cost-effective, customizable, business skills workshops to help technical experts develop the practices professional communicators use to influence, inform, motivate, and solve problems.

Future Trends / Future Opportunities in Business are the highlights of this training. Learn how you can help your business grow and flourish through good time-management practices, learning how to find and utilize key resources, including networking and technology. In modern business, what makes some people more successful than others and more valuable to the company is not only their knowledge in the field but most importantly their competence in using certain soft skills. These skills can be developed and learnt so as to facilitate an organization to thrive towards success but also to enhance personal characteristics and capabilities of people.

  • Business Plan
  • Feasibility Study
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Operations & Management Plans
  • Design & Development Plans
  • Factors to consider in putting up a Business Enterprise
Who should attend:

Home Based Business Owners, The New Entrepreneur, Business Owners/Managers of smaller businesses (1-100) who want to learn, grow, share, collaborate and thrive. SME Business Owners who want to grow their company. Businessmen who find it difficult to handle their finances, employees, retention issues will benefit from this Business Skills Training

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