Assertiveness Training Programme

assertiveness training programme

An assertiveness training programme can help people to discover what works for them. Without resorting to difficult behavior themselves. Working in small groups, experienced trainers use games, role-play and other experiential processes. By that to get each individual to see exactly what is possible for them in order to feel better about themselves. And their situation.

Assertiveness is now being viewed as the most effective and desirable way to deal with people. In fact, it is a life skill. Being assertive will enable me to deal with, manage and interact with the world. This type of communication does not come naturally to me. I have been in situations where to avoid an argument. Rather of expressing my point of view, I chose to remain silent.

Whatever the assertiveness issues, we can create a tailored assertiveness training programme for individuals. Also for companies designed to help delegates appropriately manage workload. Time pressure and people pressure. “Assertiveness involves clear calm thinking and respectful negotiation within a space.  Where each person is entitled to their opinion”

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