Gone are the days when people used to promote their products and services by word of mouth or other mediums like propaganda, pamphlets, and advertisements in newspapers or billboards. These days’ companies find social media as easy way to promote themselves. Not just because it is cheaper way of reaching people but because they can cater to more audience via social media and they get several innovative ways to promote themselves and even by adding more details to the source. It also keeps us up to date with the latest information.

These days everybody from teen age to later middle age, everybody tends to be tech savvy as not only the laptops and computers but mobile phones having access to internet and upgraded operating systems has brought revolution in Information technology.

One can connect oneself with other business persons and can also find out more scope for oneself getting more chances to be successful. GroomX is one of such institutes that help business persons to advertise their services in more innovative way.

Come and connect with GroomX to promote your product in a better way and to find more opportunities for yourself by getting some tips for it.


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  • Motivation & Mindset Secrets!
  • Prospecting and Closing Secrets!
  • Personal Development Success Secrets!
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  • Winners and Champions!

To inform participants how Twitter can be used to promote their company and research the marketplace and to explain why it is such a useful tool in business

1. Twitter basics
2. How to set up Twitter accounts for business
3. Why Twitter is great for business
4. Setting goals as a business using Twitter
5. Using Twitter for market research
6. Incorporating Twitter into events and event organisation
7. Examples of use of Twitter in business

To inform participants that are familiar with social media how to build brand awareness and research the market through their Facebook business page.

1. Facebook for market research
2. News feeds and social objects
3. Creating and harnessing Facebook friendly text and image content
4. Adding presentations, videos and newsletter sign-up to your page
5. Feed your blog to your Facebook page
6. Connect other social media channels to Facebook
7. Introduction to Analytics: Facebook insights

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