Negotiation Skills

presentation training skill devolopment

The Process of Negotiation:

  •  The value of negotiating
  •  How negotiating differs from selling
  •  When selling stops and negotiation begins

How to Plan the Strategy:

  •  Targets -your bottom line and optimum aim
  • Tactics and objectives
  •  Planned concessions
  •  The limits of both parties’ power
  •  Establishing the climate
  • Pursuing a ‘win-win’ outcome
  •  Retaining flexibility

The Negotiation:

  •  Understanding the other side’s needs and motivation
  •  Interpersonal skills and body language
  •  Presenting your case
  •  Opening bids and offers
  •  Dealing with objections and rejections
  •  How to avoid deadlock or how to make deadlock work for you
  •  Give and take –the skill of negotiation
  •  The importance of summarizing
  •  Bargaining
  •  Dealing with intimidating tactics

Clinching the Deal:

  •  Going for commitment
  •  How to close
  •  Developing a long term relationship and preparing the climate for future negotiations

Telephone Negotiation:

  •  Voice and personality projection
  •  Using silence
  • Controlling the call
  • How to implement the negotiating process using the telephone

Action Plan:

  •  Participants plan and discuss what they Will actually do upon their return to work.

Emphasis on

  •  What is Negotiation?
  •  Features of Negotiation
  •  Why Negotiate?
  •  Types of Negotiation
  •  Distributive Vs Integrative Negotiation
  •  Negotiation Process
  •  BATNA
  •  Bargaining Zone Model of Negotiation
  •  Negotiating Behavior
  •  Issues in Negotiation
  •  Third party Negotiations
  •  How to achieve an Effective Negotiation
  •  Negotiation Process & Tips

By the end of this Negotiating Skills training course, delegates will:

  • Have the knowledge and tools necessary to be able to conduct any negotiation as a competitive and collaborative negotiation
  • Understand how to make the most effective use of time available for negotiation preparation
  • Appreciate the benefits of a wide range of persuasion techniques which are effective in commercial negotiations
  • Be aware of the most commonly used tricks, traps and ploys used in negotiation and, more importantly, how to deal with them
  • See for yourself the factors which make the difference between effective and average negotiators

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