Interpersonal Effectiveness

personality devolopment training

Interpersonal Skills Training.

The importance of good interpersonal skills in the workplace cannot be undermined. The ability to build rapport and trust, to present oneself and one’s ideas with clarity and professionalism and to be able to handle challenging situations is invaluable.
With an ever-increasing usage of virtual methods of communication, particularly email, the opportunity to practice and develop one’s interpersonal skills in a professional context has diminished. When situations arise that require something other than written communication, whether it be delivering a difficult message, handling a complaint or issue or building a relationship with a new colleague or client, employees sometimes find that they lack the key interpersonal skills required to achieve the necessary result.

Our interpersonal effectiveness programme will provide candidates with the opportunity to refresh and develop these core interpersonal skills in a lively, open and highly interactive environment, enabling them to become more confident and effective interpersonally.

Who should attend

Anyone who:

  • Requires more confidence when interacting with colleagues and clients
  • Needs to refresh and develop their existing skill set
  • Has experienced challenging interpersonal situations

Course Content

  • Making sense of the message you give and receive
  • Building relationships
  • Interpersonal dynamics
  • Delivering difficult messages
  • Effective influencing

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