Children Grooming & Behavioral Etiquette

Module One – 3 Sessions

Social Graces
—Table Manners
—Confidence Building
—Personality Development
—Improving Body Language
—Improving English Speaking Skills
—Understanding Family Values
—Handling Teasing situations.

Module Two – 5 Sessions

Art of Public Speaking
—Time Management
—Reflecting Confidence
—Etiquette for a Lady to be
—Etiquette for Gentleman to be
—Power of Concentration
—Handling Pocket Money
—Respecting Privacy
—Dining Etiquette
—Handling Teasing situations

Module Three – 12 Sessions

—Includes Module 1 & 2 with
—Western Dance
—Oral Story telling, an art / craft take away
—Introduction to the world of myths and legends, tall tales, folklore and ghost stories from around the world.
—Animation artworks. They will create objects, characters and artworks and then learn the fascinating tricks of the trade of Animation.
—Non-Flame cooking.
All the above module are for the children above and between 9yrs-15yrs of age.[/fusion_text][/one_half]

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