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"A VERY informal atmosphere was created while learning to dine formally.A fun experience"- Anitha Rajmohan.


Behavioural Skills       Behavioural Skills

Behavioral aptitudes are required to successfully coordinate with others in the workplace and GroomX can assist you, by giving you the way to your prosperity for managing diverse behavioral viewpoints, self-evaluation, society and sexual orientation based impacts, how to fabricate connections at work spot peace promotion, abilities on confident correspondence and a lot more.

Communication Skills       Communication Skills

Having capacity to pass on reasonably is the most essential life ability and our coach at "GroomX" will give you constant groundbreaking sessions of learning by making you acquainted with the dialect on the most proficient method to enhance your articulation aptitudes, self-assurance, vocabulary and information about language structure by giving you readings, oral presentation and much more.

Image Consulting       Image Consulting

In the present situation making most out of your first impression is very much important and, GroomX will offer you a module which is extraordinarily intended for, how to possess an attractive physique, the way you should express yourself in an effective manner to stand out in crowed, features and elements for making your initial impression last longer than long.

Presentation Skills       Presentation Skills

Presenting information clearly and adequately is a key, we at GroomX will provide you the best of learning through our curriculum on how to associate yourself with your audience, how to understand your audience in a most efficient way by providing you sessions on attitude building, how to deliver/ convey, gaining confidence, prepare for inquiries and how to deal with them, ground rules, most importantly adding a plan B and more.


Featured Courses

Event Management

Dining Etiquette

Our 1 month Event Management Course is suited to those who are interested in planning weddings, birthday parties, corporate events.